About Us

  Our Story
Welcome to the world of "The Twins"! We're thrilled to finally introduce ourselves and give you a peek into our daily adventures. You might already be following us on social media, but there's so much more to our story, including our charity impact, that we're excited to share with you.
We're all about bringing the vibrant spirit of the East and blending it with the chic vibes of the West. We're not just a fashion brand; we're a fusion of art, style, and heart.
So, stick around as we unravel our tale, where fashion meets compassion in the most unexpected and stylish ways.
Our Roots in Vietnam 
Our journey begins in the heart of Vietnam, a country known for its rich tradition and skilled craftsmanship. Our founder, Katie, hails from the vibrant northern city of Vietnam. Her inspiration comes from the unwavering passion of local artists.

These artisans and their constant passion instilled in her a vision of excellent design that mixes affordability and style. Katie noticed a niche in the market, particularly for comfy co-ord sets and outerwear. She's on a quest to deliver high-quality clothing that embodies both comfort and Vietnamese craftsmanship.
 Fashion with Compassion: "Nuoi Em" Project
But our dedication goes beyond fashion. At "The Twins," we believe in creating a difference not just in the garment industry, but also in the lives of those in need. We are delighted to support the "Nuoi Em" project, a touching endeavour committed to providing healthy nourishment and education to children in remote and difficult parts of Vietnam. 

We have built schools, supplied entire meals, and supported children's education through this project. We understand that every transaction you make with us helps to further accomplish this noble goal. As "The Twins" expands, so does our ability to support the "Nuoi Em" project, which touches the lives of children in one of the world's most underserved places.

Our Journey: Fashion, Compassion, and Commitment
Our journey involves fashion, compassion, and dedication. By wearing "The Twins," you are not only embracing quality and style, but you are also helping to create a better future for those in need. We invite you to join us on this journey, which is rooted in the heart of Vietnam but has a global reach.

Join us, and let's make a difference together.